Coming Soon!

Performance Gunworks has a few new surprises for 2016.

-We have started designing and planning the manufacturing process for our very own line of suppressors. Stay tuned for the introduction of a wide range of options for many different calibers. Currently waiting on our manufacturers license that should be up to date within weeks! We can't wait!

-New Big Dawg Muzzleloading bullets for Smokeless and Black Powder. We are expecting our Bullet Maker any day now and will be up and running shortly. So, when you are considering a new bullet this deer season, give us a call and we will be happy to fill an order for you with our Aluminum tip, boat tail, copper, jacketed bullets. .45 cal or .50 with a sabot.

- .408 Big Dawg Smokeless Muzzleloader. Yes, that's right. a .408 caliber projectile that will drop 17ft less than a .45 at 1000yds. This is still up in the works and we will keep everyone updated as we progress. Be Patient! Perfection takes time!

- New big bore round in an AR platform. Still in the design phase... and as of right now... its TOP SECRET! So, no more information other than if it has the Big Dawg name behind it, you know it's going to be awesome!

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