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Big Dawg mineral mix is a result of many months of study and research to find the perfect mineral mix. Everything your deer need to grow healthier, stronger bodies, with massive antler growth to boot! All the vitamins and minerals required to grow antler is in this mix in exactly the right amounts, with just enough salt to make them taste great to deer. Other commercial mixes use from 77% to over 90% salt content, so your not feeding your deer minerals, just salt! Our ratios were calculated using scientific studies outlining the deers needs. Once the deers bodily needs are met, the rest of the minerals go where it counts, on their heads!
  Besides being good for the deer, our mixes are good TO the deer. They absolutely love the smell and taste of our blend, so much, that it can even be used as an attractant even in a new area where it has'nt been used yet. We have found other mixes take up to a month or more before deer will readily use them, with BIG DAWG minerals, we have had deer eating them in as little as a couple hours after being put out! The smell of our mix is irresistable to deer, so much that if you buy our minerals, and put them out as directed, if deer are not using it in 2 days, I'll buy the empty bucket back, how is that for performance? Give our minerals a try, you will use them from now on, quaranteed! 
 For best results, use year round,for your deers health and virility. Most folks only get serious about hunting right before season, and rush out to get all their sites in order. Your deers antlers start growing in early spring, so make sure their bodies are saturated before then, so maximum growth will take place over the antler growing season. Give our mix a try,  see the difference a years worth of mineral supplement will make in your deer herd. Bigger, healthier does, stronger, larger antlered bucks, money back guarantee,  you CAN"T lose!!
 Get your BONE ON!!!!
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