Please allow us to take a few seconds to introduce ourselves. My name is Scott Boger, owner of Performance Gunworks, and Big Dawg Outdoors. Shown with me is my wife, and co-owner, Barbara. I have over 35yrs experience in hunting and shooting, and have worked on guns most of those years. Barbara is not just another pretty face, but an accomplished huntress herself, with bow, muzzleloader, and gun. We both have an intense love of the outdoors, and all it has to offer.
  Performance Gunworks started out as nothing but a dream of mine, as I always wanted to build custom guns and make a living in that industry. After starting out in a small utility building, with Gods help and blessings, we have grown into our current facility, where we have the finest tools and machinery capable of holding tolarences as tight as one ten thousanths of an inch! Thats 0.0001 in, or a human hair thickness divided into about 30 layers of equal thickness!
  This has allowed us to build countless customer dream guns, with quality second to NO ONE, with a WORLD RECORD along the way, and more to come!  If you can dream it, we can build it!
  Big Dawg Outdoors came from the invention of our smokeless muzzleloaders, the name has just kinda stuck. There is an old saying, if you cant run with the big dogs, stay on the porch. I've never been one to settle for second best, not wanting to run with the big dogs, I wanted to BE THE Big Dawg. As a result of my unwillingness to accept second rate, YOU get to reap the benefits of products that are the best of the best. Every product we offer is the result of exghaustive  development and testing to assure our products will never let you down when you need them to perform. Thank you for considering our products, and rest assured, there will be many more to come from Big Dawg Outdoors.
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