What happens when you eliminate every weak link in a modern, factory produced muzzleloader? You wind up with a Big Dawg Smokeless Muzzleloader from Performance Gunworks! Hate to clean black powder? You dont have to anymore! Ever heard that "click" instead of a boom? Its over with! Wish you could have a muzzleloader capable of less than minute of angle accuracy, one that could take game at extended ranges of , say 400yds or better?  No problem! How does over 3000 feet per second with over 5000 foot pounds of energy sound? We have it! Want a muzzleloader suitable for hunting everything from Groundhogs to Cape Buffalo? Here it is! 
     If this sounds too good to be true, I am delighted to tell you that it IS true. For many years I have thought about all the negatives of hunting muzzleloaders, and for the last few years, I have formed ideas of how to eliminate them, finally putting my ideas in motion on our machinery, and building the finest muzzleloaders I have ever shot.
     First of all, to get the energy and velocity I wanted, I knew I needed to use smokeless powders. Second, I knew modern sabots would not hold up at the speed I wanted to shoot at, so, I developed a sizing die that would size 45 caliber bullets to fit perfectly in benchrest grade rifle blanks, so that they could be loaded with a conventional ramrod, with the same  effort as a saboted load. With the sabot eliminated, I didnt have to worry about  the problems of misfires due to the sabot not having enough resistance to reliably ignite the smokeless powder, as  the factory produced smokeless muzzleloaders were plaqued with.
     Then came the ignition system. I've known all along that the 209 shotgun primer system was not the answer, as I had already proved with my Large Rifle conversion kits for the Encore, Accura, and other factory muzzleloaders. The problem is, the 209 primers have a tremendous explosive force, enough to partly propel a bullet down the bore, often without enough heat to ignite the charge.
     Answer? Large rifle primers in a custom built holder that can be reprimed over and over. While not as explosive as the 209s, they have seven times the heat, and ignite the smokeless powder reliably. By using the holders, they can be carried just as easily as 209 promers. They are made to fit the boltface of our rifles only, and provide a positve seal, so no moisture gets in, and there is zero blowback. 
     And finally, cleaning. The gun had to be user friendly and easy to clean. To clean the Big Dawg, simply  press the bolt release button, remove the bolt, unscrew the breech plug/ nipple assembly, and clean like any center fire rifle, using the same solvents you would use on your other rifles, no special muzzleloader cleaning solvent is necessary. 
      All this adds up  to a muzzleloading rifle capable of outstanding accuracy, centerfire velocity, energy, and trajectory. Available as complete rifles, or we can build them on your action.
We are proud to be an official Leupold optics dealer, these ultra high quality riflescopes, with their CDS dial and shoot ranging turret sytem allows us to simply range, dial, and shoot, with pinpoint accuracy all the way to over 800 yds, with one turn of the turret! Ranges never before thought possible are now a cinch! These scopes allow our rifles to ethically take game at tremendous range, with complete confidence of pinpoint bullet placement.  Available on all Big Dawg models, and for most all other rifles and calibers as well. They are our favorites , hands down! Get them here on our store page, or call us to get all the info on these awesome optics. 
 Please drop by and say hello, we look forward to seeing you there.
  If you want to learn more about the Big Dawg, or for ordering info, call us at       336-463-2323
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